Our Company

About us

We are muelles universal, a mexican company with more than 69 years old at the leaf springs, u bots manufacture and spare parts sales for suspension applications for domestic and overseas markets. The main objective is to offer premium quality products according with iso quality certification at all of our process, we warrant to all of our customers a safe road on all their destinies.

On 1950 mr. Rafael rangel sr. Had the idea to implement a new bussiness, a suspension and spring leaf repair shop and manufacturing faciliies, with the goal to provide an outstanding service to the continuous growing demand. Then the first manufacturing facilitiy start-up, as the foundation for the actual company.

Due the growing and consolidation in 1972 the dream of our founder mr. Rafael rangel sr. Was completed, the company changed as a corporation named muelles universal, on 1986 the company had a new name, the actual muelles universal division norte.

Acctually our company is projected as an international company focused on premium quality on our products, equipment and machinery with a high tech specs, continuous training to our employees, high performance on manufacturing operations to maximize the quality on service by a planned strategy.


Provide premium quality products and services with the best in class technology, which let us acquire a constant growing and a continuos improvement.

Stablish a concrete commitment with our customers, suppliers and workforce, satisfying the market requirements day by day.


We must be the leaf spring company best integrated manufacturer with domestic and overseas coverage , with high preparation and profesional capability workforce, avante garde technology with our clear fundamental values; honesty, commitment and effort.

Quality Policies

We have the commitment to manufacture and sale products which satisfied our customer requirementes with capability assurance on them, continuous improvement on our daily activities and our processes with the pourpose to be recognized on domestic and overseas markets

ISO 9001:2008 Muelles Universal